Writing Music Monday: Manila by Luc Bartoli

[cover] Luc Bartoli - ManilaMe and jazz. It sustains me. What more can I say?

Luc Bartoli’s Manila is, perhaps, the strongest release from RawBounce Records. It just works, right on down to the apparently incongruous correlation to Manila, a city which (to the best of my knowledge) does not have much of a reputation for jazz, historically. And yet, I do get a bit of the vibe of Manila while listening to this.

Says Bartoli:

Everytime I jam and there is other tenors playing, they always seem to engage in some kind of battle. So the more they show off, the more I go into a “less is more” approach, and it just defuses the situation. I don’t care if there’s some cat that can play faster than me on “Cherokee”.

I just do my thing.

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