Writing Music Monday: Dune by Jahzzar

Jahzzar (Javier Suarez) makes a return appearance here for Writing Music Monday with a very different album than previously. The man is diversely talented!

Dune is, again, all instrumental, this time around being his take on psychedelic rock and roll, a la Jimi Hendrix. Being Jahzzar, it never wanders off into aural mush the way some of the influences of this album do (on his website, he throws in Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew at the end of the list of influences). Everything is easy to follow, and rather bright and happy (again, typical for Jahzzar), and melodic.

It’s another of those albums that you may have to be in the right mood to write to it, but if you are in that mood, it’s perfect.

“[S]omething I learned from psychedelia: music as feelings, as a journey. Not only rhythm. Not just melody.” — Suarez on this album.

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