Writing Music Monday: 4 Weeks At Home by Sim Band

[cover] Sim Band - 4 Weeks At HomeAn interesting mix of jazz, rock, and blues by a Frenchman supplying his whole band thanks to the wonders of computers. About the Sim Band project he writes:

In the summer of 2004 I started to record my songs semi-professionally with the help of my pc. I used my Yamaha P-120 stage piano for the pianos, basses, strings and other voices and also used my Fender Strat American Standard and Yamaha CPX-8 to play my songs.

Definitely give it a listen, see if it’s something you want playing in the background sometime. If you ever liked Eric Clapton’s blues work, you should like this.

SIDE NOTE: As of this post, I have given you over eleven and a half hours of free music to write by. So get writing already! (This goes for me, also.)

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