Writing Music Mondays: Alegria by Diego Sanchez

[cover] Diego - ALEGRIAHere’s one I don’t get, an album that’s quite pleasing, lengthy enough to be substantial all on its own (just shy of an hour), with talent and ambition, the most open licensing you could ask for, and it appears to be getting no love at all.

Alegría by Diego Sanchez is latin jazz, modern in (mostly) really good ways, and something you should have no problem putting on to play in the background if you want something upbeat, jazzy, a bit rock-ish, and basically happy in the background while you write. The Attribution-only license is merely icing on the cake.

And yet, though it’s been out nearly two years, it doesn’t have quite 1,500 plays, and barely more than 200 downloads. (He has another album that’s gotten substantially more attention, but I’ve not gotten to that one yet.)

So go, have a listen, and if you like it, download away.

Creative Commons License
Alegría by Diego Sanchez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.