Writing Music Monday: Cinematic Volume 1 by Gregoire Lourme

[cover] Gregoire Lourme - Cinematic Volume 1Jazz doesn’t do it for you, you say? Yes, I’m a jazz partisan, but okay, fine.

What do you need?

Soundtrack music? Thrilling, epic, sweeping orchestral sounds to give you the proper backdrop to your multi-volume mega-epic?

Here’s a good place to start. Gregoire Lourme’s Cinematic Volume 1 covers a respectable range of film-type music, and all of it is good. There is plenty of CC soundtrack music that sounds… tinny, or like an interesting idea that was not sufficiently explored. Not so with Lourme’s work. If he doesn’t soar to Hans Zimmerian or John Williamsian heights, neither does he wallow in the depths. It’s all respectable and affecting.

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