Broken Trust

Earlier today the following was posted on Facebook by Kathleen Anderberg.

It’s important.

Would like to share what friend Kevin McHugh wrote regarding the Bengazi horror:

I want to speak to Benghazi for just a minute. Yes, it is a perfect example where the administration is not living up to its promise of transparency, but to people like me who are veterans, and those now serving, it is so much more than that. It is a violation of a sacred trust that has existed between the United States and those who serve her, a trust that has, until now, been kept inviolate for the entire history of our country.

That trust, boiled down is this: As long as you are out there working and fighting for the US, you are not alone. We will not abandon you, we will not leave you behind. Even if we must engage in further combat, even if some must die, we are coming for you. This trust is ingrained in every US service member from the first day of their training. It is a huge part of what makes us such a formidable foe. For every one of us who served, and for everyone who now serves, we had the knowledge in the back of our mind that all we had to do was hold on, hold out, we would not be forgotten, we would not be abandoned. That ethos was nowhere more apparent than in the rescue of LTC Iceal Hambleton in Vietnam, the story made famous in the movie “Bat 21.” It is the same ethos behind the disastrous attempt to rescue the hostages held by Iran in 1980. Even Jimmy Carter understood this trust.

For the first time to my knowledge, our nation violated that trust. There were assets in place that could have intervened and saved those four Americans. In fact, there were a LOT of assets that could have been bought to bear. But for reasons no better than political expedience, those four Americans were abandoned to die in Libya. Rest assured, those who serve and have served noticed. And rest assured, the damage this one incident did to the morale of our nation will reverberate for years.

“Our nation” did not violate that trust. President Obama did.