Writing Music Monday: “Bar Stim.Art” by Maya de Luna

Bar Stim.Art I’ve listened to this for years. It gets in as writing music under the “she’s singing in a language I don’t understand” exception. Also, try to listen and not fall for her.

Yes, the album is all one track. You won’t mind.

It presents itself as a live playdate in a smoky jazz club. It may very well be just that, but it might also be created to sound like that, because I know that Maya de Luna does a lot of internet collaboration with musicians she’s never met in person. No idea which is true here, it could be either.

“Bar Stim.Art” is on Jamendo (linked in the album cover above) in a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, but it’s on Youtube under a straight CC BY license, which may be a mistake, or an intentional freeing up of licensing.