Writing Music Monday: Wake Up by Jahzzar

[cover] Jahzzar - Wake Up I love, and sometimes miss, ’80s music of a specific kind — the pure synth of Miami Vice, Brad Fidel’s soundtracks like The Terminator, Fletch, Beverly Hills Cop and so many others. Synth unpolluted by “dark”ness, expansive, exploratory, often joyful.

The directions that synthesized music has gone since then mostly leave me cold. (Hans Zimmer’s score for Inception being a notable exception.)

But this composer, Jahzzar (real name: Javier Suarez), gets it. He’s an Argentinian a Spaniard, and puts out lots and lots of music under the very liberal CC BY-SA license for other people to use as soundtracks to whatever they see fit. And he’s good. He’s very very good.

Proof: “Wake Up“, his tribute to ’80s synth, is nearly perfect, without copying anything. It gets the style without aping anyone in particular. I’m not always in the mood for it, but when I am, this hits that sweet spot and I can put it on repeat and let it go for hours and hours.

Jahzzar’s main site is BetterWithMusic, and you can find all his work at Jamendo, much of it at Free Music Archive, SoundCloud, and elsewhere.

UPDATE: Corrected Jahzzar’s nationality. Don’t quite know how I got him in the wrong hemisphere.


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