Writing Music Monday: Sans gêne ni oxygène by Law’

Last week I said that I mostly write to pure instrumental music, but that’s not the whole truth. I also enjoy writing to tuneful songs in languages in which I am not fluent, sung by women with voices that please me. French is a big one with me, but so is Chinese (I understand some Mandarin, but I have to work at it; if I’m writing, I’m not focusing on the lyrics and it becomes background to me unless I know the song very well), and some Japanese, and there are probably others I’ll enjoy when I discover appropriate artists singing in them.

But, French. I posted this album on Twitter a week or two ago during the first time I was writing to it. It’s very pleasing, perhaps because I have no idea what the French babe is singing about. She doesn’t have the sexiest voice ever, but she doesn’t need it — she’s singing in French, after all.

It’s released under a CC BY-SA license, so you can (and should!) download it now without guilt or worry.